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Innkeeper are dealing with the legend of the aswang, a kind of demonic beastie from Filipino culture. They're also dealing with building and outfitting rooms, upgrading amenities, attracting customers from rednecks to Men in Black, and dealing with all kinds of hotel simulation gameplay you would expect. Can you help them take it all the way to a five star rating?

Controls of the Game

Its a point and click game, so you only need your [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Watchout for escaping animals

Watchout for pouchers

Watchout for sick animals

Have fun

game review

The excellent, although unskippable, tutorial does a good job of explaining the complicated but efficient interface, and the game makes a great use of space generally. Some balance issues remain. Although the developer has tweaked some of the random chances, the relative difficulties of the various quests remain uneven. The room service area is particularly bad, largely because there is only one elevator and so deliveries get held up. However, this doesn't detract from the game's essential fun. Only one mystery remains: why do all the guests leave the hotel before nightfall? Maybe Sequijor really is a creepy place. Overall, Inkeeper is an awesome game.